Wednesday, February 3, 2010

QPTV Producer Anna Vitale: Mindlight

"This year I celebrate my 20th year as a producer for QPTV. I have learned so much in that time about what goes into programming that attracts response and benefits viewers. The learning experience is ongoing, even after 20 years!

My first two series were "The Soul of the Artist" and "Discovering Hypnosis." These two series were then replaced by "Mindlight" and can be seen on the Internet through my website www.mindlight.net. Mindlight is a self-empowerment program that focuses on self-help, psychology, hypnosis, animal issues, activism and alternative views..

In retrospect I am so very thankful to have interacted with many creative producers too numerous to mention here as well as the patient and helpful staff members of QPTV.

A few producers who live on in my memory even though they have passed are Joan Mollison, who pursued her dream of acting through her television productions, Claire Vogel, who courageously tackled political issues in her productions and went out of her way to voice opposition to injustice, Aliye Ak an intelligent and personable producer who focused on issues regarding the Turkish culture and Carl Angeleri who, well into his 90's, continued to actively produce programs until his passing.

Along with Frans Verhagen (Ecology Today) and Claire Vogel we also were successful in bringing Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island producers together and created a public access producer organization called The Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP). ACAP still holds montly meetings in Manhattan hosted by it's acting interim president Harold Channer. ACAP's website is www.acaptv.net.

As the result of ACAP I met producer, Vincent Gallo and we married in 2007! Vincent produced programs for ACAP (Access in Action) that tackled controversial subjects and focused on producers. He is now Mindight's Director!

To all new producers I extend a welcome and ask you to take television production seriously. Know that you have an extraordinary tool for getting information and opinions out to a public that is weary of commercial television. Public access is a strong voice that can attract attention and viewers if you use it for the greater good."

Anna Vitale, C. H.
Producer/Host "MINDLIGHT"

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